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RAXcard provides anonymous (No Name) visa prepaid debit card to anyone, regardless, in what country you are living. RAXcard Prepaid visa card accepted worldwide for online shopping and ATM withdrawal. Now you can easily withdraw your Bitcoin funds, Perfect money funds and webmoney from your country’s banking ATM machine. This is visa branded, USA bank issued, Prepaid ATM card for instant withdrawal of E-currencies in a safe and secure way. Remember, this is No Name (Anonymous) card; you don’t have to give any documents to get this card. ATM ViSA Debit Cards: Bitcoin Debit Card. Bitcoin debit card can be used to withdraw cash from ATM as well.

Cashout your E-currecy with Prepaid Debit Card

RAXcard is the most trusted and quick Perfect Money ATM debit card that can provides for your prompt access to your electronic money. This Perfect Money debit card is trusted because here your security is completely secured. No name is written in the card and therefore card holder identity is fully nameless. No documents are required to get this card. The card could be transported to your address by FEDEX or DHL within 2-5 business days. Total cost of the card is 50USD which includes the delivery charges.
Being a trusted card RAXcard Perfect Money debit card raises its request among the people who are working together over the internet. Online transactions are presently easier than ever with the help of this card. If you do not want to express your identity while doing transactions online that is possible through this card. You can upload fund to your Perfect Money account with the help of RAXcard Perfect Money debit card. At the same time bank transfer and card to card transfer also available through this card. Submitting a request for this card is truly simple. You require not going outside from your home to submit a request. All you need is an internet connection along with your personal computer because a request for this card can be placed through internet. You can get this card by courier service within very short period of time as mentioned earlier. So your business dealings won’t be harmed at all. Upon the gathering of the card you will get the tracking number which you need to enter in the online server.
RAXcard Web Money debit card can be used to withdraw money from ATM and for purchase at shops, websites, service stations, restaurants and different places. This is best option, if you country’s bank do not offer any kind of debit or credit card for online shopping or global use. Web Money Funds might be withdrawal from any ATM Machine that shows VISA Logo, thus this providing you the most convenient, safe, quick and reliable method of redeeming e-currency. There is a daily limit of $1000/ for every card on cash withdrawals. There is 3% charge on any using or withdrawal. There are no other Admin Fee or support charges.

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Perfect Money Debit card

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