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Debit Card for Perfect Money, Webmoney and Bitcoin

Raxcard is a Company that provides most anonymous debit card to any one regardless of country. Raxcard Debit Card has all the benfits and advantages that you can expect from it and so simply and convenient to use. Raxcard is Connected with any E-currency account like Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Webmoney Account. You can upload funds from your respective Currency and use it for online shopping or withdraw this Money from any ATM worldwide. You can carry all your Perfect money funds into your plastic card and can withdraw any time, anywhere in the world from ATM. This Card has no Alternative of it solutions and most acceptablity in Asia, Africa, Asia and Middle East. Access your electronic money any time any where with through Raxcard. This card is specifically design to withdraw perfect money Webmoney or Bitcoin Frunds from ATM. Card is Connected with dedicated bitcoin payment wallet, Perfect money ID and Webmoney Purse.Now it is very easy to withdraw Perfect money funds from local ATM in your country. You simply insert the Raxcard platic card into the ATM and withdraw your funds.

Cashout your E-currecy with Prepaid Debit Card

People often feel insecure while transacting their online payments who work online and seek for a prompt money withdraw system with complete security. One can get many cash out methods from different ATM credit cards but most of them are not perfectly managed for faster payment cash out and maintained the security of their clients. RAXcard is the best to be trusted and offer the most secured online payment method through its prepaid debit cards. The ease of clients is greatly considered for getting a debit card without any identification of the clients. One can easily get a prepaid debit card costing only 50 USD for card preparation and delivery charges through FEDEX or DHL within 2-5 business days after ordering for it.

Raxcard Prepaid Debit Cards Offer You-
Trusted and Secured Online Money Transfer: The nameless prepaid debit card is available for clients. A tracking number can track your transaction history. You need not to share all the information about you.
Perfectly and Fastest ATM Debit Card: These cards from Raxcard are readily available to withdraw money from any VISA card supported ATM booth. You need to request for the payment that you are withdrawing rather you can do it anytime from your online computer.
Simplest Card Issue System: No need to hide and seek for card issuing. Raxcard ensures for your debit card getting at your home within the shortest period in trusted methods at the minimal cost.
Worldwide Access: Raxcard prepaid debit cards are widely accessed to ATM booths that are authorized for VISA cards. You can purchase products from various online shops and pay your bills through this easy and trusted debit cards.
No Hidden Charges: The withdrawal limit is 10,000 USD per day and for every transaction of withdrawal, it is going to cost you only 3%! However, no other support or admin charges are applied here.

Perfect Money Debit Card: Raxcard Perfect Money debit card can give you withdrawal facilities from any ATM machine worldwide. This card can be issued so fast and for international clients, VISA card supported ATM booths are applicable. The very fast-prepaid debit card can offer you the safest payment method.
Bitcoin Debit Card: Another prepaid debit card that holds the identity of the clients unknown for their security purpose. No charges are required and easy to get used for purchasing online, and withdrawal of money from ATM booths with Logo.
Webmoney Debit Card: USA bank issued worldwide used and secured payment method for online shops is offered by Raxcard through the Webmoney Debit Card. Get the withdrawal through ATM machines without any request and get the card instantly through FEDEX or DHL.

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