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Bitcoin  Re-loadable ATM Debit Card, Select Visa or Master

Anonymous and discreet! Free shipping! Works worldwide! Instant approval!

Bitcoin  Re-loadable ATM Debit Card is one of the best product in the bitcoin community all over the world. People were waiting for this type of unique bitcoin cashout card that ever come in the market. Raxcard.com is one of the supper leading company based in united states, Providing Bitcoin ATM Visa Card as well as Bitcoin ATM Master card. It is choice of the customer, that he want to apply for visa or master. 

This Card is connected with Unique bitcoin wallet address, that is printed on the back of the card. You can use this wallet address to upload funds into card. Send Bitcoin to the connected Bitcoin wallet address and money will reflect into your card. There are some more options to upload funds those will be guided to you once your order or receive this card. There is Web based secure control panel to manage this card, like you can view your statement, spending history, upload funds, transfer bitcoin and Change PIN etc. This is really supper easy way to cashout bitcoin from your local ATM in any country. This card works in America, Canada, Europe, India, Japan, Africa, Asia, Middle East and all part of the world. 

Instant Order Approval  All order get instant approval, No time needed for verification! No delay, just complete the order form,follow the instructions, make the payment for card and shipping will be arranged on the same day.

Price of Bitcoin ATM Debit Card = 50 USD  The card's price is including shipping by FEDEX or DHL (worldwide). This is only one time payment We offer discounts for bulk orders. Mode of payment available on the order page. 

Your Privacy is Assured! (No Document needed)  We strongly focus on customer privacy. Cardholder's name does not appear on debit card. No Documents needed to get this card (fully anonymous). if you want your name on the card. we can write it.

Worldwide Shipping of Bitcoin card  The card(s) can be shipped by courier mail FEDEX or DHL on the same business day after your order confirmation. You will receive tracking detail once we ship this card to your address. Using this number you will be able to track your shipment online.  Delivery typically takes no longer than 2 to 4 business days.

bitcoin atm card

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