How to withdraw Funds From Bitcoin Wallet

How to withdraw Funds From Bitcoin Wallet

Cash withdrawal is one process that one will never want to mess with because once you mess you may end up losing your cash. This is one thing that you will not want to happen ever. Raxcard has simplified things where you can now use to withdraw from your Bitcoin wallet to your and you can also transfer cash your Bitcoin wallet as well. Bitcoin wallet is where you have total or full control of your money. Bitcoin wallet allows you to send and receive money instantly and automatically. There are different wallets that you can choose from. Some of them include:

Web wallets: Among the easiest and most convenient wallets you can use are Web wallets. However, these wallets are not secure enough to run on your computer. Mobile Wallets: With the improved technology, there are mobile wallets which are available on iphone & Android apps. They can be downloaded. Software Wallets: These wallets can be downloaded and be run on your computer. They are the safest wallets that you can have because you are the one who control it and not the third party. For you to have this wallet, you may require to spend a full day constructing a local copy of the block chain before you start using. Hardware wallets: They are regarded to be the best and most secure because they don’t expose your private information. 

The following are simple steps on how you can withdraw your money and Bitcoin as well.

To withdraw Bitcoin:


  • Log into your account
  • Under “Accounts” click on the Overview tab
  • Choose the account you with to withdraw under “withdraw”
  • Select “XTB” as currency
  • Enter the amount you need to withdraw
  • Enter the address of you Bitcoin wallet
  • Click the “withdraw” button. 


Be advised that all transactions issued with Bitcoin cannot be reversed. But there is a 72 hour delay to allow users to confirm the transactions and stop any irregularities. 


  • To withdraw money
  • Log into your account
  • Click on the Overview tab under “Accounts”
  • Choose the account you would like to withdraw money from under “Withdraw”
  • Select currency
  • Enter the amount
  • Fill your bank account information
  • Click withdraw button


Because of security purposes, as an individual user, you can only withdraw into accounts that are linked to your user account only. You can’t use a third party because this will be violating rights and for institutional accounts, you can withdraw cash to bank account linked to the institution. I believe you are now in position to do it on your own at the comfort of your home. Few steps but you have to be very careful not mess especially with Bitcoin withdrawal. Also you have been able to know the wallets that you can have. The best thing is that, you can have it even on your phone.


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