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Web Money ATM Debit Card

As we all know WebMoney is an online method of payment. You can use it to make payments at thousands of places on the internet, transfer money to others or you can even use it as a payment method on your own online store. We all know about WebMoney, but we all would want to have an easier way to get to our money. Therefore, we need Debit Cards. As the world and the technology go on very fast, the living is changing also very fast and all this gets us to finding ways in which we can have a better and faster way to our finances. And one of the inventions of the modern age is just this plastic card in which we have all our finances. And they provide us with the best service – getting out cash fast and at any time of the day.

WebMoney Debit card is a product that is available by Raxcard Company. The most trustworthy and customer oriented company. Raxcard Company got the idea of making a card which can help you get your funds cash out of your WebMoney wallet. This card is a new thing on the market. And because of this, many people may be untrusted when it comes to this new thing on the market. You know, when something new comes to the market, we are untrusted about how it will work or does this new thing will function as it is supposed to be. Raxcard Company has this new Debit Card, that is totally safe and it works everywhere in the world. Don’t hesitate. Many people have tried this WebMoney Debit Card from Raxcard and they didn’t regret it. So, it is time for you to get this new thing that will help you save your time and make it easier. The WebMoney Debit Card helps you to cash out your funds from the WebMoney Wallet fast from every local ATM. No matter on which side of the World you are living.


Instant Order ApprovalAll order get instant approval, no documents needed! No delay, just complete the order form make the payment for shipping. We will ship the card to you as soon as possible, in less than 24 hours. 

Price of Web Money Debit Card = 50 USD Perfect Money ATM card is available in only 50 US dollars, The card's price is included shipping by FEDEX or DHL (worldwide). This is only one time payment. We offer discounts for bulk orders. Mode of payment are perfect money, bitcoin, payeer and okpay.

Your Privacy is Assured! (No Document needed) We strongly focus on customer privacy. Cardholder's name does not appear on debit card. No Documents needed to Get this card (fully anonymous). This card works with any name. If you need your name on the card, Please inform to admin while your order. We shall print your name on the card without any extra charges.

Worldwide Shipping of PM Card The card can be shipped by courier mail – FEDEX or DHL on the same business day after your order confirmation. When the card will be shipped by FEDEX or DHL you will receive a shipment tracking number. Using this number you will be able to track your shipment online. Delivery typically takes no longer than 2 to 4 business days.

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